Big Birthday Giveaway & Fawntastic Friday #4!

Hey everyone!

We’re celebrating Freckled Fawn’s 5th birthday all month long & today I’ve got a big birthday giveaway to announce! One lucky Fawny Fan is going  to win a Sleek Traveler’s Note book and Pouch (both winner’s choice!)!! Enter this giveaway through the Rafflecoptor below. This giveaway will end in one week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


And now it’s time for our Fawntastic Friday featured crafter! Big congrats to kana8404 for being this week’s Fawntastic Friday!!

There’s so much Freckled Fawn kit goodness on Kana’s pocket page. I love it!

Congrats again, Kana! You have won a $15 gift card to the Freckled Fawn Store. Please email Doe to get hooked up with your gift card prize!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who continues to share the Freckled Fawn love. Keep creating and keep sharing! You might just see your project here next week.


Each week we will feature a Freckled Fawn creation from one of our amazing fans. That creator will win a prize and be featured on our blog and social media!

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68 thoughts on “Big Birthday Giveaway & Fawntastic Friday #4!

  1. My favourite birthday memory was 2 years ago when I got to go to a workshop with my favourite paper cutting artist at her house on my birthday, it was simply amazing and I learnt loads as well.

  2. My favorite birthday was not even mine, but the time I managed to surprise my husband with a birthday dinner with friends and family, and concert tickets to his favorite group’s last tour. He doesn’t like to celebrate, but I couldn’t let his 40th year go by without letting him know how special he is to us. He actually enjoyed it!

  3. I don’t really have a favorite birthday memory; however, my last birthday was extra special since my daughter turned one week old on my birthday! No better gift in the world!

  4. One of my memorable birthdays was having my adorable son want to just be with me. He was three at the time, and he wanted to do everything for me. Cook, do the laundry, and he was so adorable trying to clean for me. Of course he needed my help, and I did most of the work, but it was the way he did it that made it extra special. He is almost 17 now, and still will do anything for me on my birthday. Luckily he can do it himself, but I do need to assist from time to time. 🙂

  5. My greatest birthday memory was my sweet sixteen. It was a party full of family, friends, and love. It’s definitely a memory I will cherish forever. 😊

  6. My greatest birthday memory has to be my most recent one. My husband and I took our two little kids to Austin for my 40th & it was just a great day taking them around the city and sharing in their excitement to be on vacation.

  7. I always loved birthdays when I was younger…it meant my favorite cake and a day just for me (I’m the oldest of five). I don’t have a specific memory of a birthday, but I would always have an angel food cake with “confetti”….

  8. A couple of years ago, I had a fantastic birthday trip to Charleston, SC. It was so much fun! Loved all the colors on the buildings.

  9. Birthdays were not “allowed” celebrated in my house. It wasn’t until I was a older, reunited with my grandparents *mom side* when each year my grandfather baked me a homemade angelfood cake w/fresh vanilla whipped cream and strawberries. Complete with a rose from the garden. He became very ill, baking was out of the question, yet he still tried to keep with “our tradition” he said….a rose for his angel girl, fresh from his garden – the cake he managed to get a local restaurant to make just for me.

    I’ve not had that cake or anything close to it in 29 years. Might be time to give one a go – just because, celebrating that kind of legacy & love.

  10. My favorite birthday memory is going to an outdoor concert to see my favorite band (and getting to meet the band members before the show!)

  11. My best memorie birthday was the last birthday morning that my dad woke me up with my maywest cake with a candle saying wake up birthday girl and gave me a stuffed pumpkin toy .. still have that pumpkin . 🙂

  12. My favorite birthday memory is definitely tres leches cake. My favorite kind of cake and something I usually only eat on my birthday.

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