Planner Kits for Pocket Pages by Megan

Hello everyone! It’s Megan here to share how I used this month’s planner kit on a pocket spread.

I love using Freckled Fawn’s planner kits on pocket spreads–they have just enough embellishments in them to jazz up a simple spread.

I also used silver foil labels from the April 2016 embellishment kit.

This year I’m adding in extra event spreads between my weekly spreads in my pocket scrapbook. Today I’m sharing a spread about a birthday party for my two oldest kids.

There were lots of clashing colors going on in the photos for this spread. I originally tried to pull some bright colors from the kids’ cake and presents for the cards, but it wasn’t really working. So I decided that using neutral cards and colorful embellishments was a better way to go.

I wanted the adorable photos of the kids and the many photos showing our extended family to shine, so I opted for minimal embellishments on this thread. Embellishing a bit here and there is a great way to stretch your kit!

To make a filler card a title card, I centered an epoxy heart sticker and drew a black border around it so it would stand out more against the busy patterned background. I added a silver foil label on either side to add info about the event and the date. I finished it off with puffy border stickers on the top and bottom.

I used labels to describe what’s going on in a few of the photos and added stickers from the washi book on either side of the journaling space on a card to add more color.

On the right page, I included my favorite photo of each kid opening presents, two photo collages of pictures of our family (plus the cake), and photos of our family playing Twister after the party was over. All I added on this side was a few planner stickers!

Nesting circle stickers into circles on cards is a go-to for me. I love overlapping the sticker a bit and cutting of the excess.

I also added a planner sticker into the center of each photo collage page. When I made these collages, I made sure to arrange the photos to ensure that there was plenty of room and the stickers wouldn’t cover anything important in the photos!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used the planner kit to create a simple pocket scrapbooking spread! Do you use planner kits for pocket scrapbooking too? I’d love to see how!




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Big Birthday Giveaway & Fawntastic Friday #4!

Hey everyone!

We’re celebrating Freckled Fawn’s 5th birthday all month long & today I’ve got a big birthday giveaway to announce! One lucky Fawny Fan is going  to win a Sleek Traveler’s Note book and Pouch (both winner’s choice!)!! Enter this giveaway through the Rafflecoptor below. This giveaway will end in one week.

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And now it’s time for our Fawntastic Friday featured crafter! Big congrats to kana8404 for being this week’s Fawntastic Friday!!

There’s so much Freckled Fawn kit goodness on Kana’s pocket page. I love it!

Congrats again, Kana! You have won a $15 gift card to the Freckled Fawn Store. Please email Doe to get hooked up with your gift card prize!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who continues to share the Freckled Fawn love. Keep creating and keep sharing! You might just see your project here next week.


Each week we will feature a Freckled Fawn creation from one of our amazing fans. That creator will win a prize and be featured on our blog and social media!

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Day in the Life Layout by Megan

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Ring in the New Year Layout by Megan

Our holidays are a little over the top (six family holiday parties in three days–and we hosted three of them!), so we love to spend New Year’s Eve not doing much of anything. We make a big dinner, play games, watch movies, and take a big family selfie when midnight (or, in this year’s case, New York midnight) rolls around. I love these silly photos and always have a lot of fun documenting them.

The Freckled Fawn January 2017 Embellishment Kit and Fresh Start Journaling Cards were perfect for this page!

Here’s how I used the kit:

Our foster daughter was making hilarious faces, so the engraved wood “so funny” quote was just the thing for the negative space in this photo. I love tucking embellishments into the corners of photos. It’s an especially good trick to use if your photos are all similar.

Tucked into another photo corner is one of the paper stickers, which just happened to both have a perfect sentiment and match Jonas’s shirt. Unless I’m centering a sticker like this on a card, I usually trail it over the edge of a photo and cut off the excess. This helps ground it so it doesn’t look like it’s floating around.

I added one more embellishment set to a photo to create a visual triangle of photo embellishments. The foam word “loved” framed in hearts popped well against the background of our dark shirts!

The cards that match this kit are amazing and didn’t really need anything extra, but I thought it would be fun to add a few enamel triangle stickers over their corresponding triangles on this card for a bit of extra pop!

I also used a circle punch to cut out the “fresh start” circle from one card to add it to the pinwheel card (which is my favorite–I love all of the colorful pinwheels in this kit!).

How do you celebrate the New Year? Do you grab someone to kiss? Dress up and go to a fancy party? Pop a bottle of champagne? Curl up and read and try to ignore the noisy fireworks outside? I’d love to hear!


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