Exploring Where You Live by Sandra

Hello FF folks, welcome to the blog today. It’s me, Sandra, and some time ago I took my camera and explored the downtown of the place where I live (which is Leipzig in Germany) like a tourist would. It’s fun and sometimes you discover unknown things or get the chance to see your city, town or village from a different perspective.

During the tour, I took a photo where a building is reflected in the huge windows of another building. I’ve been meaning to use this particular photo on a layout for a while and the acrylic word ‘explore’ from the March kit kind of ‘told me’ that now is the right moment to use the photo.

I used the washi-tape from the kit to decorate the background of the layout and also the wooden frame that kind of holds the photo, but not in a way you would expect. I like unusual things – like the photo being half on top of the frame – and for me personally, unusual things make a layout more interesting.

I also added some pencil lines and some small splatters here and there on the layout to contrast the straight lines and the overall clear and structured design of the layout.

Next time you take a walk around the place where you live, why not grab your camera and document the things you usually don’t notice. It’s fun!
Have a great day,
Your’s, Sandra

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