Extracurricular Schedule Layout by Megan

Extracurricular Schedule Layout

Hello lovelies! Megan Megan here to share a page I made to document my family’s extracurricular routine right now!

When I opened up the Freckled Fawn September 2017 Kit and saw the days of the week wood veneer, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my first project with the kit. My kids have something going on almost every day of the week (three kids in dance, two in soccer, one in robotics!), so I thought a spread showing what we’re doing each day right now would be perfect.

I decided to make a double page spread so that I could include a series of photos showing each activity across the page. Because I wanted patterned paper backgrounds but don’t have many duplicates, a design where two 12×12 papers were cut in half and divided in the design worked well–I just adhered them to cardstock.

I printed off 3×3 circle photos of the different activities so I could line them up according to the day of the week, then used the veneer to label them.

Using a strip of washi tape from the kit above the center of the page helped add more visual interest and made it so the page wasn’t as neatly divided into two equal halves. Giving more space to the frame paper with journaling, since there is more visual weight on the top, helped to balance the layout!

I love the black and white theme of the kit, so I kept it going by changing the color of the wood veneer to black. I just rubbed each one onto a black ink pad.

To fit all of the days of the week onto the two page spread, I made sure to stagger them and to rotate some.

A glitter enamel triangle was a great way to show where my regular journaling began. I used a puffy icon sticker to fill one frame and also used them as a “frame” for the page by placing one by the first photo in the series and another by the last.

I used black puffy script stickers to point to which frames were explaining what’s going on in the photos. I added the letter that the day of the week starts with, then included what activity / activities are on that day.

Inking around the edge of the photos gave them a little extra pop against the page and helped to hide my irregular hand cutting.

I’m so glad I captured our extracurricular routine right now! It’s a big part of my life currently and it will all switch around again in a few short weeks.

Are you or your kids involved in weekly classes or activities? How do you document your routine?


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