Makeover Traveler’s Notebook Spread by Evelyn

Hi! Evelyn here!

Here is my make over spread that I created using March Planner and Embellishments Kits plus I used a bold word ‘ happy ‘ from a previous monthly kit.

This was a fast spread to assemble actually. I just used photos of me, one is a photo before I cut my hair, the second one is photo of the final result. I printed it out in 6x9cm. I pasted them on the right page, tilted the photos so it will show some movements. I did fussy cutting for the orange flowers from the PL cards, then tucked it behind the photos.
Actually I didn’t have to put any glue behind the photos because I used a gold paper clip. They are perfect as a decoration too.
I just wrote down a short story behind the photos in the labels.

On the left page, I just used those bold happy clear word, and pasted it right there as my big tittle. I also wrote down the name of the saloon in the pink label. Simple and meaningful.


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