Planner Kits for Pocket Pages by Megan

Hello everyone! It’s Megan here to share how I used this month’s planner kit on a pocket spread.

I love using Freckled Fawn’s planner kits on pocket spreads–they have just enough embellishments in them to jazz up a simple spread.

I also used silver foil labels from the April 2016 embellishment kit.

This year I’m adding in extra event spreads between my weekly spreads in my pocket scrapbook. Today I’m sharing a spread about a birthday party for my two oldest kids.

There were lots of clashing colors going on in the photos for this spread. I originally tried to pull some bright colors from the kids’ cake and presents for the cards, but it wasn’t really working. So I decided that using neutral cards and colorful embellishments was a better way to go.

I wanted the adorable photos of the kids and the many photos showing our extended family to shine, so I opted for minimal embellishments on this thread. Embellishing a bit here and there is a great way to stretch your kit!

To make a filler card a title card, I centered an epoxy heart sticker and drew a black border around it so it would stand out more against the busy patterned background. I added a silver foil label on either side to add info about the event and the date. I finished it off with puffy border stickers on the top and bottom.

I used labels to describe what’s going on in a few of the photos and added stickers from the washi book on either side of the journaling space on a card to add more color.

On the right page, I included my favorite photo of each kid opening presents, two photo collages of pictures of our family (plus the cake), and photos of our family playing Twister after the party was over. All I added on this side was a few planner stickers!

Nesting circle stickers into circles on cards is a go-to for me. I love overlapping the sticker a bit and cutting of the excess.

I also added a planner sticker into the center of each photo collage page. When I made these collages, I made sure to arrange the photos to ensure that there was plenty of room and the stickers wouldn’t cover anything important in the photos!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used the planner kit to create a simple pocket scrapbooking spread! Do you use planner kits for pocket scrapbooking too? I’d love to see how!




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