Ring in the New Year Layout by Megan

Our holidays are a little over the top (six family holiday parties in three days–and we hosted three of them!), so we love to spend New Year’s Eve not doing much of anything. We make a big dinner, play games, watch movies, and take a big family selfie when midnight (or, in this year’s case, New York midnight) rolls around. I love these silly photos and always have a lot of fun documenting them.

The Freckled Fawn January 2017 Embellishment Kit and Fresh Start Journaling Cards were perfect for this page!

Here’s how I used the kit:

Our foster daughter was making hilarious faces, so the engraved wood “so funny” quote was just the thing for the negative space in this photo. I love tucking embellishments into the corners of photos. It’s an especially good trick to use if your photos are all similar.

Tucked into another photo corner is one of the paper stickers, which just happened to both have a perfect sentiment and match Jonas’s shirt. Unless I’m centering a sticker like this on a card, I usually trail it over the edge of a photo and cut off the excess. This helps ground it so it doesn’t look like it’s floating around.

I added one more embellishment set to a photo to create a visual triangle of photo embellishments. The foam word “loved” framed in hearts popped well against the background of our dark shirts!

The cards that match this kit are amazing and didn’t really need anything extra, but I thought it would be fun to add a few enamel triangle stickers over their corresponding triangles on this card for a bit of extra pop!

I also used a circle punch to cut out the “fresh start” circle from one card to add it to the pinwheel card (which is my favorite–I love all of the colorful pinwheels in this kit!).

How do you celebrate the New Year? Do you grab someone to kiss? Dress up and go to a fancy party? Pop a bottle of champagne? Curl up and read and try to ignore the noisy fireworks outside? I’d love to hear!


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