Solar Eclipse Layout by Megan

Hello, lovelies! It’s Megan, and I have a fun idea for using the September kit!

My family of science nerds was so excited about the solar eclipse! We drove an hour and a half in an minitrip to Marshall, MO to a spot our friend found so we would be in the path of totality for the eclipse a little longer–about two minutes and thirty seconds! It was an amazing experience for all of us.

I was inspired to make a spread about the eclipse by the Freckled Fawn September 2017 Kit. The lunar vellum stickers and silver foil epoxy astronomy stickers were perfect!

I decided to combine a traditional page and a pocket page for this spread so that I could include a large print of my family checking out the eclipse together!

I really wanted the photo to stand out, so I just stuck to the photo, a title, and eclipse glasses (which I stapled on) for this page.

For the title, I cut the lunar vellum sticker so it could frame both sides, framed either side of the words with a moon foil epoxy sticker and added a star in the middle. I used black puffy script stickers for the letters. I made sure to add the epoxy stickers last, as the other items are more repositionable.

For the pocket page, I included photos of my kids checking in on the eclipse, my baby niece in her stroller, a photo of the corona, and a screenshot of the app we used, Solar Eclipse Timer to countdown to specific events during the eclipse.

I used a variety of cards from my stash that related to stars, counting down, and journaling cards that fit into my color scheme.

I kept the embellishing on the pocket page minimal, but included a few things, like a vellum strip to cover up words on a card that weren’t applicable, an older label sticker for journaling, and a puffy star sticker in the corner.

I also combined a vellum sticker that looked a little like the sun and a cloud epoxy sticker to go with my journaling about the clouds clearing up just in time for totality!

Fellow Americans, were you able to see a full or partial eclipse? International friends, have you been able to see one in your lifetime? Any other ideas for fun ways to use these celestial icons?


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