Christmas Inspiration by Odessa

Hello, lovelies!

It’s a bit of a sad day for the FF team as we are losing one of our lovely design team members today. This will be Odessa’s last project with us! We have loved working with her and seeing her beautiful inspiration. Good luck in all that you do, dear Odessa!


Hey guys! Odessa here. It’s that time of year where I get so excited about working on Christmas projects. But then I remember I still have to finish last years. Oops. I’m trying to play some catch up right now and when I got to this spread I knew this month’s Freckled Fawn Embellishment kit would make the page perfect!

The page has one large 6×8 photo and 4 smaller 3×4 pockets – 2 with square photos mounted on 3×4 cards, 1 with an Instax picture mounted on a 3×4 sleeve and one with a tag mounted on a 3×4 sleeve. I went super simple for the cards the photos were mounted on because there is a lot going on here in terms of visual storytelling.

On the large 6×8 photo I went simple. I used one of the veneer days of the week as a main focal point and title for the page. I added in a journaling spot and a sticker from the vellum sticker sheet and that was enough. A bold photo with simple graphic embellishments to match.

On the other side of the page I had two stories going on, one across the top and one on the bottom. The top is an Instax photo of an ornament I picked up. It’s not the best picture, but there’s just something about the quality of instant photos that I just love. Next to it is a tag from the ornament. I used the washi tape from the kit, cut in half, to tape down the Instax photo and one of those cute puffy heats as an accent on it. Under the tag I used a sentiment from the vellum sticker sheet.

On the bottom are actual photos. Both are square photos with some room for journaling underneath. I picked a word from the journaling to highlight and used the black puffy alpha to emphasize it. I added some enamel triangles, vellum stickers and a puffy heart and my layout was all done. Using just the embellishments from the kit made it really easy to put together a quick cohesive layout to get my last December album closer to finished.


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Black and White Pocket Page by Odessa

Hello lovelies! Odessa here!

I’m usually all about colour, but I’ve been loving playing with desaturation lately. Opening up this month’s Freckled Fawn Kit was a delight! All those dreamy black and white embellishments! I had a layout that I knew would go perfect with the kit so it was easy to break it out and get to work! All embellishments used on this page are from the kit – they all work so good together!

I grabbed some black and white journal cards, laid everything out and got busy sticking and gluing. i KNEW it had to include one of those wood veneer days of the week – they are just so pretty. I used a white chalk marker to colour it in and keep the black and white theme going and glued it down. Next to it I stuck one of the super cute resin camera pieces on a journal card to fancy it up along with a phrase from the vellum sticker sheet.

In the middle I had a dorky cute picture of our family hamster. I added some of the black script puffy alphas as a story title and some of the silver epoxy astronomy stickers for more cuteness. I really like using the black script puffy alphas on photos – they’re cute enough to add some fun, but they’re light and not distracting. I use them a ton. It’s a pretty bright picture, but I figured the two other photos on the layout are pretty low contrast to balance that out. I tried to leave it out but I just couldn’t.

I went simple at the bottom. I had a picture of my husband that I just added some washi and a puffy heart sticker to and a simple XO using the puffy alpha. On the journal card next to it I added some of the cute triangles as arrows and another of the vellum stickers.

On the edge I used the washi from the kit to cover up the holes – the ones on this protector didn’t match my album. I like to use that as an excuse to break out cute washi and add even more pattern and fun to a layout. It really pulls it together.


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Great Match Layout by Megan

Hello lovelies! Megan here to share another layout with you today!

I used a large photo with a smaller supporting photo. I used a photo of my husband Jake and I that I loved. We’re wearing matching shirts, which I thought was a silly accident but turned out to be intentional on Jake’s part to annoy his older brother–hah!

I used lots of elements from the September kit: washi underneath the smaller photo, puffy icon stickers for the heart and star shapes, and the black script puffy alpha for the title. White Vintage Doily Acetate Diecuts were a nice subtle touch against the white cardstock.

For my journaling, I used a ruler first to add lines, then wrote it down. I like free-handed journaling often, but floating in white space it was more of a design element, so I decided it needed a bit more structure.

This was a quick and fun layout and I’m so glad to showcase a photo of Jake and I that I love!

What’s your favorite size photo to scrap?


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First Chess Tournament Layout by Megan

Hi everyone! It’s Megan here with a layout inspired by the black and white September Freckled Fawn kit, all about my daughter’s first chess tournament last Spring! Sometimes working with a kit can be so motivating–products can be a great jumpstart for ideas.

I found black and white paper in my stash for a background and used the bag from the kit (cut into two pieces) behind my main photo!

I wanted to use the black and white puffy stickers for my title, but it was a little tricky with the busy background and thin letters. It took me a few tries–good thing this alpha is easily to reposition!

Outlining the white alpha in black pen helped a lot, but my white gel pen wasn’t cooperating, so I couldn’t do the same for the black alpha. Instead, I backed it with washi tape and scraps of white paper. I also layered a few vellum stickers under the scraps.

A few embellishments–another vellum sticker, resin camera, and glitter enamel triangle sticker–brought the title all together.

I didn’t embellish other areas of the page quite as much–with all of the busy patterns, the main embellishment cluster belonged with the title. But more glitter enamel triangles kept the focus on the main photo! Another vellum strip and a puffy icon sticker helped to ground the label sticker I used for journaling.

I alternated more of the label stickers to get in the story of my secondary photos–my daughter playing dominos and making stop motions between games, playing bughouse (which is a fun team chess game), and her cool participation medal. I’m so proud of her for having fun at her first tournament. She was playing with WAY more experienced kids and the timed games stressed her out, but it was still a fantastic day.

Try thinking about black and white things in your life–a game, an outfit, a to-go coffee cup, home decor–that could jumpstart a story for you!

XO, Megan

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Happy Today Layout by Nicole

Hello Lovelies!
Nicole here and today I have a quick 12×12 layout featuring the Freckled Fawn black and white kits.  Yes, this kit seems to still find it’s way on my desk with every project I do lately.  This time around, I focused on keeping my layout entirely monochromatic and I love how it turned out!
Here’s a look at my completed layout:

Before I began this page, I searched thru my entire collection and pulled out lots of black and white papers, chip board pieces, ephemera, frames and so much more.  I wanted to use up older items that I’ve had in my stash for a while, but use the black and white kit to bring my layout more current. This ended up being one of my most favorite that I’ve made recently and I just love how this all came together. Here are a few close ups of the final project:

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Until next time, have a fab week!

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Black and White Planning with Kim

Hello, lovelies! Kim here bringing you some black and white planner inspiration.

Every September Freckled Fawn does and exclusive black and white kit.  Black is the perfect dress when it comes to planning for me; goes with anything.

These alphas got a color change from White and Yellow in the May kit  and will look fantastic together, but I wanted to keep this weekly spread very monochromatic.  I added pieces of the vellum strips to highlight a few things and then added a half strip under the alphas. Because Sunday doesn’t have any events, its a great time to jazz up the planner with some black and white patterned paper.  (I’m totally excited about the new FF paper subscription coming next month!!!!)

These thin days of the week wood veneers I’ve used 2 ways.  I cut it an half and inked the first half and the second half I used as a stamp. But hen the flap folds down….

…I have day meeting up with the other side for a perfect fit!  I did end up using most of the washi tape on the sides and top as well as a divider on the Monday page to distinguish between my tasks for the day and the weekly goals. The glitter enamel triangles were a great addition to focus my attention to the slew of phone calls that I had to make!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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Solar Eclipse Layout by Megan

Hello, lovelies! It’s Megan, and I have a fun idea for using the September kit!

My family of science nerds was so excited about the solar eclipse! We drove an hour and a half in an minitrip to Marshall, MO to a spot our friend found so we would be in the path of totality for the eclipse a little longer–about two minutes and thirty seconds! It was an amazing experience for all of us.

I was inspired to make a spread about the eclipse by the Freckled Fawn September 2017 Kit. The lunar vellum stickers and silver foil epoxy astronomy stickers were perfect!

I decided to combine a traditional page and a pocket page for this spread so that I could include a large print of my family checking out the eclipse together!

I really wanted the photo to stand out, so I just stuck to the photo, a title, and eclipse glasses (which I stapled on) for this page.

For the title, I cut the lunar vellum sticker so it could frame both sides, framed either side of the words with a moon foil epoxy sticker and added a star in the middle. I used black puffy script stickers for the letters. I made sure to add the epoxy stickers last, as the other items are more repositionable.

For the pocket page, I included photos of my kids checking in on the eclipse, my baby niece in her stroller, a photo of the corona, and a screenshot of the app we used, Solar Eclipse Timer to countdown to specific events during the eclipse.

I used a variety of cards from my stash that related to stars, counting down, and journaling cards that fit into my color scheme.

I kept the embellishing on the pocket page minimal, but included a few things, like a vellum strip to cover up words on a card that weren’t applicable, an older label sticker for journaling, and a puffy star sticker in the corner.

I also combined a vellum sticker that looked a little like the sun and a cloud epoxy sticker to go with my journaling about the clouds clearing up just in time for totality!

Fellow Americans, were you able to see a full or partial eclipse? International friends, have you been able to see one in your lifetime? Any other ideas for fun ways to use these celestial icons?


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Extracurricular Schedule Layout by Megan

Extracurricular Schedule Layout

Hello lovelies! Megan Megan here to share a page I made to document my family’s extracurricular routine right now!

When I opened up the Freckled Fawn September 2017 Kit and saw the days of the week wood veneer, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my first project with the kit. My kids have something going on almost every day of the week (three kids in dance, two in soccer, one in robotics!), so I thought a spread showing what we’re doing each day right now would be perfect.

I decided to make a double page spread so that I could include a series of photos showing each activity across the page. Because I wanted patterned paper backgrounds but don’t have many duplicates, a design where two 12×12 papers were cut in half and divided in the design worked well–I just adhered them to cardstock.

I printed off 3×3 circle photos of the different activities so I could line them up according to the day of the week, then used the veneer to label them.

Using a strip of washi tape from the kit above the center of the page helped add more visual interest and made it so the page wasn’t as neatly divided into two equal halves. Giving more space to the frame paper with journaling, since there is more visual weight on the top, helped to balance the layout!

I love the black and white theme of the kit, so I kept it going by changing the color of the wood veneer to black. I just rubbed each one onto a black ink pad.

To fit all of the days of the week onto the two page spread, I made sure to stagger them and to rotate some.

A glitter enamel triangle was a great way to show where my regular journaling began. I used a puffy icon sticker to fill one frame and also used them as a “frame” for the page by placing one by the first photo in the series and another by the last.

I used black puffy script stickers to point to which frames were explaining what’s going on in the photos. I added the letter that the day of the week starts with, then included what activity / activities are on that day.

Inking around the edge of the photos gave them a little extra pop against the page and helped to hide my irregular hand cutting.

I’m so glad I captured our extracurricular routine right now! It’s a big part of my life currently and it will all switch around again in a few short weeks.

Are you or your kids involved in weekly classes or activities? How do you document your routine?


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Explore PHX by Jennie

Hi Everyone! This is Jennie! I am in LOVE with Black & White! The September Oh Deer Me Kit got me hooked! I grabbed a bunch of black and white things from my freckled stash! I had so much color in these pages that I had no idea what to do with them. The black and white worked perfect! 

When I decide on a color scheme I start with washi tape. It’s the easiest thing to pick for me.

Freckled Fawn is very talented with fonts! I love to mix them and layer them! I like to use small fonts like the Black Puffy Script Alpha Stickers on photos.

This is the only color embellishment I grabbed because I wanted really big letters and the green works with the photos. Underneath I layered washiWhite Foam Words Stickers and Chipboard Words.  I like to staple some embellishments to add detail and texture.

The Foam Words also come in black! I used the Black & White Vellum Alphas to underline the word amazing!

In this filler card I wanted to play with words and fonts. You can find the ampersand in the Large Acetate Numbers. I used the Tombow MONO Twin Permanent Marker to color the  Days of the Week Wood Veneers.

The Glitter Enamel Triangles are perfect little accents for pages and photos.

I love square photos, I need to include them in my album more often!

I hope you enjoyed these pages! Take up the challenge to only use black and white supplies and let us know how it goes!


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Live Simply Layout by Niki

Hey! Niki here today with another layout using the black and white September Embellishment kit. I have loved working with this kit so far as it is fab for almost anything. Today’s layout of mine is another one with lots of colour but as all the embellishments were black and white, I didn’t have to worry about colour matching with the papers I chose.

I loved the cloud stickers that came in the kit and cut a large cut file that featured a cloud and a lovely phrase. I cut this in black and put it onto a white cardstock background with a multi-coloured pattern around the edge. The white background was a little too white so I decided to add some colour using inks and the packaging technique.

You can check out how I did the background and watch how the whole layout came together in my process video below.

Watch on YouTube

Once I had done the background I put my black cut file back in place, added my photo and added machine stitching through all the words. I then added lots of lovely embellishments from the September Embellishment kit, including cloud and star stickers, puffy stickers, enamel triangles, a large enamel camera, vellum stickers as well as some clear arrow stickers left over from August’s Embellishment kit.

I finished off by adding some other embellishments from my stash and handwrote in my journaling to the bottom right of the layout.

Thank you so much for popping over to see my layout, happy scrapping!


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