Traveler’s Notebook on the Go with Megan

Hello lovelies,

Megan here!

I just took a trip to San Antonio, and I brought my May Kit and traveler’s notebook with me so I could make a few pages on the go! I ended up finishing most of the album when I got home so I could print out photos, but I made one spread while traveling using a business card and an Instax photo.

Because the card and the photo were a similar size, I decided to go with basically the same design on both pages, but flipped so they would mirror each other.

The flowers in each corner, trimmed off of the edge of the page, help anchor the rest so all of the elements aren’t just floating in the middle.

I love the White Puffy Stickers on the white background. Framing the words with minimal embellishments helps make them stand out!

I really wanted to use the days of the week washi from the kit, but I wanted a longer strip than just the word Friday, I used chipboard sticker for journaling and to cover up the other days of the week.I also could have cut out and repeated “Friday” or circled / framed it, but this was a good quick solution!

I love how cute this spread came out with limited supplies! I decided to carry on and use just photos, words, and the May kit for the rest of the album. You can see the rest here.

Do you scrapbook in traveler’s notebooks on the go?

Have a lovely day!


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