Washi Wednesday #2

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Washi Wednesday.

Before we get started, we’ve got two exciting reminders:

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And it’s Sneak Peek Week!
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Today we are talking about organization/storage. We’d love to feature your projects here for Washi Wednesday. Submit your projects to our new online community (click here!). I’ll be on the lookout for your beautiful projects.


For today’s Washi Wednesday, I searched pinterest for washi organization ideas and I really hit the motherload! There are so many wonderful ideas out there. Here are some of my favorite washi storage ideas:

Aluminum Foil DIY Container


Copper Pipe Hack


Wooden Washi Storage


I just recently updated my washi storage so I made a quick video to share with you guys:



In the past I have shared my washi storage also:


And that’s it for today. Don’t forget to check out our February kit sneak peeks that were posted earlier today & enter for your chance to win a kit. And also submit those washi projects!

Have a lovely crafty day!


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